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Emirgan Historical Mansion

Situation For Sale

Office Dem Estate

Area Emirgan

Address Saf-Saf Sokak

Rooms 5 Bedrooms, 2 Living rooms and 3 bathrooms

Size 350 m² 70.5 m² plot

Restitution Year2008-2009

Outdoor Space 9 m² 

Historic House in Tomtom Neighborhood


With its timeless design, the house located in the quiet and peaceful Fethiye region of Muğla offers a unique life experience. The detached house, positioned in such a way that the front will always remain open, celebrates the return of man to nature and essence with a wide-angle sea view of 270 degrees. A unique house furnished with designer furniture.

Historic texture
Central Location
Hotel Concept
"As soon as we get out of bed, we see the Bosphorus and the White Mansion in front of us."
“From the gym to the movie room, we did everything we dreamed of, nothing stuck in us.”

"We're working with a close friend of the interior architect, we decided with him  We brought the house to its current state on a common ground. Absolutely every color we used had a reason. To make the space warmer.
We took care to use the right colors."


"We toured a lot of houses and as soon as we walked in we were amazed when we saw the high ceiling and the way the rooms and bathrooms were positioned."

dış kapı nosuz.png
"The walking path on the beach is already very pleasant, and since it is a dead-end street at the rest of the time, it is a very safe area for our daughter and dog to play, as the cars do not cause traffic."

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