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A Friendly Conversation with the Owner of Faralya Villa

We visited a very special house in Faralya, where green and blue meet, accompanied by birdsong and sea breezes. The one who greeted us was the owner, who had a great influence on the breathtaking Mediterranean view and the sophisticated design of the house.

“ This house, where you fall asleep to the sound of the neighboring waterfall pouring its waters into the sea, is the key you need to make your dreams come true.”



When did you purchase the house? Can you tell us about the design process?

I bought the house five years ago, it was zoned land. After one year, I worked with a well-known architecture firm in Istanbul and had the project drawn. I personally participated in all construction processes. After a few revisions to the plan, we started the construction. So, I actually planned the designs and living spaces that appeal to you right now. As you can see, the living room and kitchen are very spacious which helps them integrate with the pool and terrace area, and the windows are made of sliding doors so that they don’t get in the way of the view. When you open all the doors of the house, it ties together the inside and outside of the house. What’s more, the house faces southwest, so there is a fabulous sunset on most days.


What are the most appealing features of the house for families?

The most intriguing feature of this house is the fact that it’s actually a living space that can be used as two separate houses. It has two separate entrances, but it is also ideal for a family to use it as a whole if desired. The two separate living spaces offered by the house are very advantageous for families with small or teenage children or people living with helpers. For example, while the family resides in the upper part of the house, the helpers can live on the lower floor, or the lower floor can be completely allocated to the children. There are many private areas in the house, and these areas are very helpful both in hosting guests and in creating two separate living spaces as mentioned above. There is even a bedroom with its own terrace, so individuals in the house can live without contact should they wish to do so.


"From the marbles to the sets used in the bathrooms, are my own style. These are custom-made materials that you won't find everywhere. "


What are the biggest advantages of the location?

Faralya is one of the most beautiful places in Turkey in terms of geography. Its nature, untouchedness, clarity of its waters, and long summer season are just a few of them. The climate is very mild from April to the end of November. Moreover, Faralya is close to many places; it is a very central place. For example, I can go to Kaş in an hour, Fethiye is already twenty-five minutes away, and getting to Göcek only takes forty-five minutes. It takes twenty to twenty-five minutes to go to the marina from here. There are many places to see around. Of course, the most important one of these is that we’re located at the starting point of the famous Lycian Way.


How did you decide on the decoration of the house?

I personally chose all the materials and paid great attention to their quality: from small kitchen appliances to furniture and kitchen decoration. I made the material selection of everything, from stones on the walls to stones on the floors, to door frames. I had some materials made by a wooden craftsman I worked with specifically, including the table we’re sitting at now. The doors of the upstairs and downstairs rooms are made of cedar wood and are custom-made. None of these are factory-made; they are made of living materials. We used marble in a part of the house, and the marble we used was specially selected from the quarry.


In which seasons do you spend time here?

We are here from April to November, but we also prefer to come in the winter. It's an ideal place to escape from the big city. As I mentioned before, it's sunny even in winter. Even if it rains, the sun comes out after half an hour and it warms you up right away. The season hasn't started yet, but a sailboat is passing by behind you even now. In summer, this is the route that sailing boats pass through. It has an incredible feel to it.

"There is an endless sea view in the bedrooms that you see eye to eye even when you wake up in the morning.Therefore, the first comments of my incoming guests are usually that they have never seen anything like this before. The dominance of all floors and every point of the house to the sea and the landscape impresses people a lot. We are in a position like few others in the world."



How often do you have guests?

When I have my own guests, I host them in my own house. I usually rent out this place and most of the time it's not an empty house due to intense interest. But if it's not occupied, I also host my guests here. It's a very important and impressive place.


What are the most impressive elements for guests? What compliments do you receive about your home and surroundings?

There is an incredible sea view that greets you as soon as you enter the door. It's truly an enchanting view. There is an infinite sea view from the bedroom that you even see when you wake up in the morning. As I mentioned above, the house is also very functional, so people are very impressed by its domination of the sea and the view. We are in a very unique location with very few examples around the world.


What plants are in the garden? Are you interested in the garden?

Yes. I personally worked on the landscape design of this place. There are bougainvilleas, a type of Mediterranean and South Aegean plant, in many parts of the garden. Bougainvilleas of various colors continue from the entrance to the salon and pool area. In addition to these, we have several different types of trees. Some of these are cedar, lemon, and magnolia. There is a very special tree from South Africa at the entrance of the house that blossoms in summer. We also have seven or eight mature olive trees. The olive tree is a tree that never really fades all year round, but it starts blooming at the beginning of summer. It starts to bear fruit in September. We also pick olives and make our own olive oil.


Are there people living in the region in winter? How is the communication in summer and winter?

Of course, there are people living here in winter. Especially foreigners prefer this region: my next-door neighbor is Canadian and the owner of the house in front of us is Belgian. Of course, there are also local people here. This is a village, after all. It's a place where people come together in winter but it's also really peaceful. The name of the town ten minutes away is Hisarönü, and seventy percent of its population is British. It becomes more cosmopolitan here in summer. In addition, since this place is on the Lycian Way, which is a historic and important walking trail, you can also encounter a high number of people who come here to hike in autumn and spring. The Lycian Way starts from Fethiye and extends to Phaselis, Antalya. It's a five-hundred-kilometer road that can be walked or cycled. Of course, the part from here to Kaş is the most popular stage. It's really located in nature and history, right by the sea...

What kinds of activities are available here?

As I mentioned before, this area is largely untouched, so there are many endemic plants here. If you are interested in nature, you can go after the plants. The Butterfly Valley, famous for hosting 8,000 known species of butterflies, is literally five minutes away from here. However, the focus here is on the sea; if you prefer, you can easily do activities like sailing or water sports in this area. The marina is also very close, and you can leave your boat at the marina and come and go during the day.


What would be your restaurant, cafe, or shopping recommendations for the summer?

Those who spend their time here during the summer can do their shopping at a farmer's market set up in Fethiye on Fridays. At this market, you can find many products that are organic and not available in regular supermarkets, ranging from vegetables and fruits to honey and walnuts, all of which are much more affordable than city prices. Besides, this place is very close to Kaş, and you can go to Kaş for a day trip. Kalkan is even closer. There are seven or eight ancient cities around us: Leton, Santos, Patara, etc.


There are also places you can go to about thirty-five to forty minutes away from here. Within these places, there are a few cool beach clubs as well. There are fun festivals and nice restaurants in Kabak. Ölüdeniz is only fifteen minutes away. In Ölüdeniz, there are many Chinese, British, and even Indian restaurants. Not to mention the local fishermen. To be frank, there are so many options, but those who come here usually don't want to leave the house. 


Where do you spend most of your time?

I have two hotels in the area, so I spend most of my summer time there. But I prefer to host guests in my home more.


Which part of the house is used the most?

The terrace and pool area of the house are used more. In addition, the large kitchen area is also a popular spot.


Is the house suitable for pets?

This is an ideal place to keep pets. There are areas to walk dogs. The house already has a large garden, and since it is secure, pets can roam freely in the garden. The garden is fenced, so there is no risk of your pet getting out or running away.


What would you like to say about the materials used in the house?

Actually, there are many things. So, from the marble to the sets used in the bathrooms, many things reflect my own style. These are special materials that you can't find everywhere, and they are custom-made. Everything in this house is far from ordinary, including the cupboard doors that I had made with my own special carpenter and the mirrors that I selected. The most important feature of this house is that you won't find anything you see here in any other place.


Why did you decide to sell the house?

Actually, this is my third house. The house where I currently live is just five minutes away, and it is already a space that is more than enough for me. I initially already planned and designed this place as an investment. I am currently renting the house, but ultimately, the decision to sell it was an investment opportunity for me.


Can you talk about the infrastructure of the house?

The house has a central air conditioning system, but individual air conditioners are also available. Therefore, the house is fully technologically advanced in terms of air conditioning. In addition, we have a generator for emergencies. There are two water tanks: one with a capacity of five tons and the other with a capacity of seven and a half tons. The doors and windows of the house are double-glazed and all in one piece; they are also custom-made and made of aluminum, making them quite valuable. As for maintenance and cleaning of the house, I know people in the area who can help. And as for security, I have no concerns about the area since is a very safe place.

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