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In our study of About Your Home, we found the real value and formed our expectation of selling at the right price.

It is applying the Golden Visa Program for the last time this year.


Golden Visa is an investment program designed for non-EU citizens. It gives people the right to live, work and travel in the Schengen Area in Portugal, including their family through housing investment.


How to Buy?

At the end of the housing investment of a minimum of 280,000 Euros, a residence is earned. By being in Portugal only 7 days a year, the person is granted citizenship at the end of 5 years.

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What are the advantages?

Opportunity to become EU Citizen

Free movement in the Schengen Countries

Earning income by renting the purchased house

Unlimited right to live in Portugal

Health and Education rights

Transfer of rights with Family Reunification

Tax Benefits NHR

House plan

The floor plans have been solved in a way that the private area is considered within the framework of all requests, and at the same time, invitations and guest hosting are made most enjoyable.

We believe selling a home is an emotional process, like love at first sight. We create an experience focused on the emotions and the senses by ensuring that each home finds its own rightful owner.

Thanks For Subscribing!

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