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Intimate Conversation with the Owners of Emirgan Mansion 

When we visited the mansion, which is in one of the most beautiful locations of Emirgan and has a stunning view, our couple and their little girl, the current owner of the mansion, welcomed us. Our couple sincerely answered our questions about this magnificent house, which has a decoration and craftsmanship that makes you feel like you have come to an art gallery the moment we enter.

“This is a very lively and living location.”


When did you buy the house?
We got it in 2015.

How long did it take for the house to become what it is today?
It took 2-3 months.

What condition was it in when you got it?
It was in good condition when we got it, we just made up. For example, the kitchen was ready, we put the carpet, the back was like a cubicle, we removed the door there and turned it into a beautiful dining room, we changed the colors.

Was your child born in this house?

Yes, we moved due to pregnancy, we were living in a small house in Baltalimanı before that, we found this place while looking for a bigger place for the family to grow.

How did you choose your color, did the colors you choose have a place in your life?
We are working with a close friend of our interior architect, we decided everything with him. We brought the house to its current state on a common denominator. As for the colors, absolutely every color we used had a reason. We took care to use the right colors to make the space warmer, such as green on the ceiling.

Why did you choose this location?

We were already living in Baltalimanı and because we liked this location very much, we were looking at the houses in this vicinity. We toured a lot of houses and as soon as we walked in we were amazed when we saw the high ceiling and the way the rooms and bathrooms were positioned.

How did you decide on the decor of the house?
It was decided with our friend in the same way, from the dining table to the library, it came to its present form as a result of great care.

This is a historical mansion, as far as you know, is there any part of this house that has survived from its original state?
This is actually a mansion that was demolished and rebuilt as a copy of the original.

How often do you host guests?
There are a lot of people who come and go, we definitely host guests on the island for at least 3 days, we have pleasant evenings with meals, games and conversation.

"We toured a lot of houses and as soon as we walked in we were amazed when we saw the high ceiling and the way the rooms and bathrooms were positioned."


Where do you spend most of your time with your guests?
We usually spend time at the large dining table in the Selamlık, in the kitchen, and in the garden in summer.

What kind of compliments do you get most about your home from your surroundings?
We get the most compliments on decoration.

Where do you spend most of your time as a family?
We eat our meals in the kitchen in winter and on the back balcony in summer, and we spend time in the living room in winter.

Is there an area of your home that you influenced later on?
Sauna. We turned the warehouse into a room and a bathroom.

Do you have a material that you particularly like and prefer in the materials and decors used at home?
In addition to everything natural, we also love marble in terms of structure and appearance, so it's all present in decoration.

Why did you decide to sell the house?
For investment, if the person or people who will buy the house do not live and plan to rent it, we want to stay as a tenant.

Can you easily spend time with your dog at home and walk outside easily?
It is very comfortable, the walking path on the beach is already very pleasant, and in the remaining times, this is a very safe area for our daughter and dog to play, since it is a dead-end street, so that cars do not cause traffic.


"We will definitely miss this house very much. We have a lot of bonds, our daughter was born in this house, when we bought the house, we found the house where we will live until the end of our knitting  demişitik."


Do you think your child was happy in this house?
(Our hosts turn to their daughters) How happy are you in this house from 1 to 10? Daughters: 10!

Is there any addition to the house that you wanted to do but couldn't?
We did everything we dreamed of, from the gym to the movie room, nothing stuck inside of us.

How are your neighbors?
Our communication with all of them is great, we have had no problems so far.

What are the advantages of the house as a location?

It has so many pluses. This is a very lively and living location. There is a vet on the corner, a grocery store opposite him, a real estate agent next to him, a hairdresser next to him, a pilates studio next to him, another hairdresser below, a second grocery store a little further ahead, an art gallery across from it, and an incredible gym upstairs. When we leave the house, we can go to the gym, get hair done, get some necessary needs from the grocery store or take our dog to the vet immediately within 30 steps. The beach is already a minute's walk away. Right after climbing the stairs on the left of the house, we can connect to the Emirgan Grove and enter the forest air, after a walk or a peaceful rest with the sounds of birds, if we wish, we connect to the beach from there and return to the house after taking in the sea air, and we do this with a very short walking distance. It is truly a great luxury for Istanbul.

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